Transport and storage containers

Transport and storage containers according to DIN / ISO standard

From 10ft/3m to 40ft/12m or as inland swap container up to 7,82m length, open-top, flat, reefer or tank containers, are available.

These extremely robust containers, built for sea transport whether used or new, are suitable for medium-term and/or long-term outdoor storage. The containers are designed and built according to the strictest international rules for rough transport conditions by sea.

Longevity also as storage containers is therefore given.

All our transport containers are approved for international transport by rail, road and sea and have the currently valid CSC plate.

Transport and storage container in detail

  • Standard box containers are mostly fully welded from steel.
    10ft to 40ft for transport and storage of generale cargo.
    Modifications to customer requirements are possible.
  • Refrigerated containers
    10ft to 40ft with or without refrigeration unit
    From -60°C to +30°C for the transport and storage of temperature of sensitive goods.
    Can be used as a mobile cooling cell, optionally also equipped with meat rales for hanging meat.
    Modifications to customer requirements possible.
    Mobile pharmacy for warm regions.
  • Open top Container (Cabrio)
    20ft or 40ft with tarpaulin and roof bows or removable solid roof.
    Container is suitable for loading by crane from top.
  • Flat rack or platform
    20ft to 40ft for goods or packages, to large for normal box containers in excess of dimensions.
  • Tank containers
    Predominantly 20ft containers for dangerous liquids or non-hazardous liquids, also for food. Tank containers can be used worldwide. These are also often used as buffer tanks for the supply of drinking water. Tank containers can be heated or cooled.